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Default Noob question - Master Track strange behaviour

Hi all!!! My name is Adrian from Argentina. I'm really noob using a DAW and I've been using reaper for some months. All was working really good until a couple of days ago.

I have 2 issues and I really don't know why:

1) I have a 12 track song and when I want to Pan (let´s say a rithm guitar) all the way to the right and Lead guitar all the way to the left; rithym guitar dissaear (I´ve also clicked that button in Master track for Stereo (the wich has a speaker icon or both). What could be wrong that I miss each track I want to pan to the right?

2) I don't know why, but both Lead guitar track (which I've moved them to a Folder called LEAD) is missing from Master track. Let's say I turn Master track Volume Fader
all the way down: Evry track (drums, bass, rithm guitars) dissapear on the exception on Lead guitar. Same happens if I bounce the song: If I mix all the tracks volume lvls in a way it sound good, when I bounce it to WAV or MP3, Lead guitar doesn´t sound on the same volume level I've set it when I hear the mix in Reaper.

I´ve searched about this issue in the manual, I've also searched in this orum, but my englih is not so good and I don't have (as you can see) enought technical languge.

If you could give me a hand I'll appreciate it a lot.

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Any input?
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It sounds like you have a routing issue in both cases.

1. Make sure you are not using an effect that is changing the pan, and that your routing for the effect is correct. Check the I/O (between the param and UI button) on the effect.

2. It sounds like you have a direct hardware output on that track. Check your sends for anything that would indicate a hardware send.

I would suggest for this and future problem to create a new project and set a track up the same way, see if it works, and compare that track to the track in the project that is causing you trouble to find out what is going on.
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