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Default VST3 using vectors in chunks

VST3 requires to have fixed buffers in chunks, but this code change will enable you to use vectors that you may dynamically resize. NOTE: This will break old save states as it is inserting chink size at chunk beginning.

tresult PLUGIN_API IPlugVST3::setEditorState(IBStream* state)
  WDL_MutexLock lock(&mMutex);

  ByteChunk chunk;

  // Get the chunk size
  int chunkSize;
  state->read(&chunkSize, sizeof(int));

  if (chunkSize > 0)

    // Resize IPlug ByteChunk to fit all new information

    state->read(chunk.GetBytes(), chunk.Size());
    UnserializeState(&chunk, 0);
    int32 savedBypass = 0;
    if (state->read (&savedBypass, sizeof (int32)) != kResultOk)
      return kResultFalse;
    mIsBypassed = (bool) savedBypass;
    return kResultOk;

  return kResultFalse;

tresult PLUGIN_API IPlugVST3::getEditorState(IBStream* state)
  WDL_MutexLock lock(&mMutex);

  ByteChunk chunk;

  int chunkSize = 0;
  int64 stateStartPosition, stateEndPosition;
  // Get the position at the start

  // Leave room to write chunk size at the beginning. 
  // Write dummy chunk size that will be overwritten at the end.
  state->write(&chunkSize, sizeof(int));

  if (SerializeState(&chunk))
    state->write(chunk.GetBytes(), chunk.Size());
    return kResultFalse;

  // Get the position at the end

  // Move to beginning to write the chunk size
  state->seek(stateStartPosition, IBStream::IStreamSeekMode::kIBSeekSet);

  // Write chunk size at the beginning
  chunkSize = chunk.Size();
  state->write(&chunkSize, sizeof(int));

  // Return position to the end
  state->seek(stateEndPosition, IBStream::IStreamSeekMode::kIBSeekSet);
  int32 toSaveBypass = mIsBypassed ? 1 : 0;
  state->write(&toSaveBypass, sizeof (int32));  

  return kResultOk;

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