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Default Process for activation/deactivation

Can I check if the plugin is activated ?

For example in Reaper near plugin list is a checkbox for activation/deactivation, can to check the state of this from plugin ?

I test void OnActivate(bool active) with no success.
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Originally Posted by SaschArt View Post
I test void OnActivate(bool active) with no success.
Not sure exactly what you want to do, but OnActivate is of return type void, so it's not a test. The comments make it clear it's not for what you think it's for, and the default, essentially null implementation is not overriden:

  // Not usually needed ... Reset is called on activate regardless of whether this is implemented.
  // Also different hosts have different interpretations of "activate".
  // Implementations should set a mutex lock like in the no-op!
  virtual void OnActivate(bool active) { TRACE;  IMutexLock lock(this); }
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