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No worries.
Of concern to me is if it was said in ww2, and from bit of research seems it was. Beyond that it's a song not a documentary!
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Mr. Data
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Hi BenK-msx,

Sorry for chiming in that late, but I just now saw your posting.

Of course I dunno how far you got on with your song up to now, but I think Mschnell is right. Even if your song isn't supposed to be a documentation, it would give a deeper impression of what happened if the translations are done sorta realistic, even to German or Russion listeners who are aware of what's going on in your English lyrics.

So imagine, being on a battlefield (which I hope you never had or must to) and you see your comrades fall, one after another, some of which you don't know, others you know and yet others became friends, some of them you know by name, some of them only by their nick-name. You'd probably call their names or nick-names, presumably under tears.

Dunno, if I can help you, but I'd do if I can.

However 'Heimatschuss' might be a German word, consisting of the word 'Heimat', which would be 'home', 'home country', 'homeland' and the word 'Schuss', which (clearly) means 'shot', but I never heard someone say 'Heimatschuss', so I rackon it might be the worst possible choice.

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Human being with feelings
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hey mr D, cheers.

song is currently in a 'holding pattern' ready for final tweaks/mastering whilst i get others to the same point ! almost done though.

understand your point, but also i had to consider the song i have in front of me - and the little section available for the swirling voices flashbacky dreamy thing i envisaged was pretty short - and need time to transition to a new section else it was jarring, reducing time avail even more.

also since there is a main spoken part leading the way, having the non-english language voices strong, clear or too often was not asthetically pleasing no matter what i did...

however i have used the voices kindly supplied, in a subtle, catch it on the 7th listen kind of way..
how many of our fave songs had unintelligible parts that you only figured out years later after 100 listens! why not include that kind of reward

do also like the idea of hearing a voice, knowing its spoken voice, and not knowing exactly what is said, 'what language is that' ? more to do with the 'sound' and reaction to hearing a voice.

will post back with a listen available soon
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