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Default Anyone use a Zoom Livetrak L-12?

I'm seriously considering one to get 12 discrete channel remote recording done without a computer. Seems kind of flimsy to hold, but for $600...Can't find a 12 channel dedicated recorder for close to that, except for bulky and even lower spec'd units.
Curious if others here have been using one for that purpose and how it's been. Don't need live mixing or fx, Just plan on getting something to enable me to get good sounding recordings using external pres with a much simpler set up, and bring into Reaper to deal with the files, without spending too much (otherwise I'll just keep on bringing the laptop and interfaces)

Thanks : )
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Cymatic Audio uTrack24. Around 400€. No preamps though...
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Default just got one

Just got the livetrak L-12, but haven't used it yet. My plan is to use it to record and then bring the sd card home, stick it in the computer and mix/master using my PC rig.

I'll get back to you on how well that works...
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The B-word X32 rack is $1000 new and around $800 used.

$600 for a 12 channel unit from Zoom?! I'd go with the B-word. 16 preamps and a pretty capable and easy to run built-in mixer on top of that.

Either that or find a couple used 8 preamp channel MOTU units for around $200 each and run in aggregate device config.
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