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Default Using multiple East West patches on one track with multiple MIDI channels?

Maybe there is easier way to do this, but here is what I am trying to do:

I want to compose in one track in Reaper such that in that one MIDI track I can choose various loaded instruments/patches in the East West player. For instance, I might have English Horn Sustain Vib loaded, plus various other articulations like Legato, etc, etc.

So I might have a horn line and I need to change articulations. But I want there to be one phrase in the MIDI track where I am switching the articulations. Not using key switching because I don't want to use the keyswitch version of English Horn patch. I want to manually load the articulations I want and use them as I need to in the one MIDI track. So maybe that amounts to setting MIDI channel of each articulation and to change articulation on the track, change the MIDI channel?

Also want to be able to control audio separately for the articulations. So what I envision is a loaded instance of the Player (I chose yes for it to create the 16 outputs) where on top I have the MIDI data, then underneath the separate audio channels for the articulations.

Anyway, I figure there are tried and true ways to do this so hoping someone here can shed some light on Reaper's unique way of accomplishing this.

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You have described exactly the way to do it.

Put all the MIDI in one clip on the Play track, using notes on different MIDI channels as desired. In Play, set the instruments to receive MIDI from a specific MIDI channel and output to a separate output.

Here is an example using IK's Philharmonik:
>>> https://i.imgur.com/XZF5sKj.png

Also, you can hide the output audio tracks in the Arranger and show them only in the Mixer.
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