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Default Weird behaviour when looping regions, is this a bug?


I found this weird behaviour when checking out regions and I wanted to ask before reporting it as a bug...

I looped a region and when I switched to the next one that starts in the next bar (by using "Alt + 2) it didn't seek to the second region, instead, it looped again.

It DOES allow me to switch to the third region... But not if the region I want to switch to starts at the same measure the loop ends.

I made a quick video showing what I mean:


Is this a bug? I installed a portable version of Reaper to test it and the same happens.

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Hmm, yeah, I think I can see what's happening there. The end of the loop is at the border between region 1 and 2, i.e. effectively at the start of region 2, so my best guess as to what's happening is, it *is* seeking to region 2, but it's hitting that loop point *after* the seek action has been completed.

So yeah, seems like a bit of an edge case. Not quite sure if it's *technically* a bug. But it does definitely seem counter-intuitive to what the action is supposed to do. (Which, for the record, is "Go to region 02 after current region finishes playing (smooth seek)".) Might be worth bringing to the devs attention.
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