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Default how to extend the range of colors used in coloring tracks?


disclaimer, I am terrible at editing themes. I've poked around about studying it, but I am not visually inclined, shall we say. I generally end up making a mess of everything when I try to edit themes.

that said, I would like to know how I can make the track colors I choose in the custom color windows be more accurately represented. Obviously, this is something that is different on a theme by theme basis. It seems to me like this should be a relatively easy thing to change, but I can't find it in the theme editor.


ah.. here's another quesiton. in a theme that has all the tracks the same color.. is it a simple thing to change it to where they can be colored? there are several themes that I like, but I can't use because I really need that color coding.

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From my (VERY LIMITED) knowledge, it's the files
mcp_bg.png and mcp_bgsel.png (selected) for mixer strip

tcp_bg.png and tcp_bgsel.png for track strip

depending on how transparent they are, determines on the amount of colour that bleeds thru.
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