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Originally Posted by blumpy View Post
perhaps it’s me but “route” on the track panel is too big or too opaque and makes it difficult to tell what which indication lights are lit and not lit. Maybe the indicator light should be completely dark with no hue when not engaged? Reaper 5 theme just seemed easier to glance down all my tracks and see who is assigned to master vs stem send, etc.
White Tie, I'm not an aesthetics expert so forgive me for the suggestion if it is terrible, but I think having the word "Route" printed below the status lights would make the status lights clearer.

Aside from that; I'm running this theme daily now and am quite happy with it.

I made a few areas a bit darker and some lighter text to increase contrast. I'm not looking forward to re-configuring all of it when a revision comes but that's all part of running a released.

Also, I'm enjoying track panel A, but the mute and solo buttons moving based on the size is a bit confusing with track folders being nested. At a glace tracks appear to be in folder when really some are just different track heights.
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Please excuse the noob question here, but how can I change the color of the arrangement background and midi editor background? Thats the only problem I'm having with this theme so far, other than that everything is looking & feeling gorgeous!

Nvm still works with the theme editor as it used to

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The best theme in REAPER so far is this IMO, really excited on the possibilities of using theme scripts. My only problem is that some fonts in the transport bar(except the main time unit) aren't color-changeable as for me they look washed out. Again just my opinion. Thank you for your work.
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I'm having a good time with the theme in its current state, except for one usability issue.

The parameter knob text is difficult to read in all but the Read/Trim mode. The colours for Read,Touch,Latch and Write need to be a lot brighter.

Here's a shot of a duplicated track. First the MCP.

It's worse for the TCP, because the track colour dominates.
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Thanks for all the testing folks! Please see the new thread for the latest version.

Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
• TA > global setting > indent/align slider > layout B and C has a bad argument, script-error:
• TA > MCP > 'If track armed' exlude the rule 'If track selected'
Seems to do that for all 'if armed' options (or is it supposed to?):
Fixed in the new version, thanks!

Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
• In TCP only the meter do not reflect changes, unless resizing the panel:
I have made a conscious decision to not constantly spam Reaper with redraw commands, and proceeded to the best of my ability ...which isn't saying much Things like this are a by-product of that approach, I can only apologise for the annoyance, which I totally get.

Right now, I'm trying to make this as light as possible, to suit all those people running Reaper on underpowered machines. After launch, can I ask you to remind me of this please? It would be very easy for me to do an optional mod of the script that for beefier machines that would redraw more often.

Originally Posted by hwhalen View Post
The selection numbers are slightly truncated when the transport is 200%.
Yeah, there comes a point where if you want a huuuuge rate slider that something has to give. Sorry about that.

Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
It appears the minor text elements are improperly scaled, -at least I hope you can use this for something..
This may or may not be fixed on the latest version, could you check please?

Originally Posted by Steven Jay Cohen View Post
Currently, the Transport only adjusts to narrow windows docked. Will this be true in the final version? Or is the plan to get it to adjust in its default configuration as well?
I'm not really sure what you mean, could you explain more please?

Originally Posted by daeavelwyn View Post
in the MCP, the separation between FX block, fx parameter block and sends block is not really readable on my screen.

If I may add a comment I'd also think the icon showing monitor ON should be green to fit more with the general idea that grey is for disable.
Could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing on on the MCP separators please?

The situation with the monitor button is, and always has been, problematic. Reaper uses a limited number of states to describe a very wide range of situations between the monitor button, recarm button and user workflows; some users only activate monitor on demand and absolutely need a very clear indication. Other users have all their tracks on monitor all the time, and find it very distracting if that button state (which they consider 'normal') is constantly shouting at them.

As you correctly point out, I am breaking the visual rule I myself set up in this design. This makes me squirm too These are the compromises that servicing such a diverse userbase creates; ultimately I have to try to find the middle ground and make it as easy as possible for modders to cater to those who find the compromises intolerable.

Originally Posted by swiiscompos View Post
A couple of things I noticed:

Is there a button to undim the colors?

Depending on the color I can't read the track name, I wish it was always white.

The names of the envelope panels are very small, I have very good eyes and a good monitor, and still can barely read them sometimes. I wouldn't mind if all the small text was a little bit bigger in general. Especially in the transport where crucial information like tempo and time signature are very small. Could we have an option in the script to make all the text bigger?
I could indeed add a control to adjust the degree to which a custom colour is applied to a track name. That's a nice idea, I'll take a look at it, thanks!

The envelope text is small in direct response to user feedback, because the envelope names can be so very long. And here you are asking me to change it back, with good reason. There's no correct answer. I don't know what to do about this, but if anyone else has an opinion I'd gladly hear it.

Originally Posted by swiiscompos View Post
Not moving out out, but I am missing the visual indicator telling me I am moving a track in a folder (I still see the full length transparent bar).
This actually wasn't my fault, can you believe it? Anyway, its fixed in the new version!

Originally Posted by typewriter View Post
One minor thing a came across is the label/textfield size on automation lanes.

This area is significantly smaller than the label/textfields of normal tracks.

By that it is in most cases not possible to read the name of the automated parameter.

There is plenty of space to the right so maybe it is possible to make the fields wider/bigger.
Please see the reply above about the text size. The field size can be changed with the script.

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Script bug:

- mixer control panel -> if track not selected - any check mark in this collumn affects all tracks, regardless of their selection
Fixed in the new version, thanks!

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Regarding labels of collumns: "if" seems redundant, e.g. "id track no visible" can be just "track visible" and is easily understandable.
Thanks, and I see where you're coming from, but I disagree. Once you know those columns are conditions, it is indeed very obvious what's going on. But if you don't know, there's a good chance that some users could find the operation of whole table opaque. Two little letters to help them out seems a not unreasonable price to pay.

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Script bug:

- hover over a control with arrows on sides and which shows tooltip on right (e.g. MCP - Align Controls)
- hover from its name area over to the arrow

BUG - the tooltip text is shifed up/down

- hover from text to arrow and back again over the lower text line

BUG - the tooltip text on the right disappears
Yes, these are all a consequence of the method I've used to do the mouseovers. I can only appologise, I was a beginner when I started this and it would be a big task for me to go in and fix them now that its this far along, sorry.

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Script - for me it is confusing to have tooltips pop up on both right and left sides. I'd expect to have them just on one side. Then I know where to look in case I need to read the tooltip.
Yeah, good point. Please see the new version, where I've made it clearer that the left help is the 'where/when does this save?' help, and the right text is the 'what does this do' help.

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Transport do not show time here when "Center transport controls" in on.
Could you do me a screenshot please?

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Script bug - tooltip toggle button does not have any tooltip text. Also some other buttons would need it, for example button in the top right corner which looks like "Save as" button. (yea, it is "Dock" button)
Fixed in the new version, thanks!

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Script suggestion - recoloring a project could not be random, but could swap color for color from the same slot of different pallettes. This would mean I could go back to previous color scheme exactly as it was assigned to tracks if I wouldn't like the new coloring.

Random coloring with its prominent big button seems pretty dangerous for me, as I have a standardised color scheme which groups like instruments. Random recoloring breaks this grouping and cannot be restored.
Someone could make, or there may already be, a recolouring script that works how you suggest, but I think it would need to be a lot more complicated in its interaction because you'd need to have a means of defining what the pupose of each slot would be.

Please note that the script sets an undo point before it does any recolouring, so you can undo in Reaper if you don't like what its done.

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Script bug (Win 7 here)

Arrows to switch between sections (e.g. Envelope - TCP - MCP):

- hover over the arrow
- then move the mouse really slowly over the bottom edge of the hover area

BUG - the arrow does no become dimmed

note: highlight color on hover of these controls could be brighter or the control could be highlighted in some other way. Because when I have a white mouse cursor over it, it is now really hard to tell the difference between highlighted and non-highlighted control. (Arrows in circles are fine.)
Yeah, I don't know what the hell is going on there, that's why I made the mouseover state dimmer. I'll have another look at trying to fix it, sorry.

Originally Posted by blumpy View Post
Quick question, is it possible for me to modify this theme so that the channel names can dynamically resize or at least manual be resized? Many people have to deal with stems; track names can look like:
"SPW504 4m08 Britney Tells Chuck She Love Reaper v2.04 Bass 01332519 191003"
Yes, the script has functionality to do exactly that. Go all the way left on the name size spinner.

Originally Posted by airon View Post
The parameter knob text is difficult to read in all but the Read/Trim mode. The colours for Read,Touch,Latch and Write need to be a lot brighter.
I believe you and I have had this conversation for every single default theme ever And I'm afraid the situation hasn't changed; I don't have granular control for how the automation colours are applied, so they are either going to be hugely intrusive when overlaid on controls for casual automation users or disappointingly dim in locations where they appear alone. I'll take another look at it.

You're dead right on the TCP, thanks. I'll put a dark background behind the controls there.
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Default Transport bar

I honestly love 6.0 theme. I really dig transport icons in piano roll midi editor. Is there an option to set the same icons for main transport bar icons?
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