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Default Liquid Rhythm VSTi plugin sequencer looping range control


Edit 2. Solved
In Reaper, by clicking and dragging with the mouse in the track playback windows the selected range from dragging the mouse becomes the playback range. Once I select the repeat icon in the transport control the selection in Reaper and Liquid Rhythm, being synced, also loops.

I will leave my post in case anyone else has the same similar question.


Edit 1:

According to this post it suggests that looping is done from within the DAW, so how do I control the looping range of Liquid Rhythm from within Reaper?


Original post:

About myself: I'm new to using Reaper and am trying to use the WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm VSTi plugin, which is also new to me. I just posted a question about this in their forums too but I thought I'd ask here to see what else I can learn. As for myself, I work with lighting and my intended purpose with Reaper and Liquid Rhythm is to see what I can do with them in order to trigger lighting cues via MIDI or OSC.

The plugin I'm trying to use:

Their forum page for Reaper which suggests that it may be compatible or at least a work in progress:

Absent from the VSTi plugin popup window of Liquid Rhythm are the loop range controls that can be dragged to increase or decrease the range of the loop. Where as I think this is a design choice by WaveDNA developers it's something that I find perplexing. When I push play in Reaper the play position advances but doesn't loop. Once it is past the content I added in Liquid Rhythm it goes silent and just keeps going and going. I don't have any idea how to control this from Reaper.

In the stand-alone mode it automatically loops within the defined range, the default being something like four steps. The range can also be adjusted by click and drag with the mouse to define the number of steps in the sequence, to increase or decrease the range. Unfortunately, in the plugin these user interface elements are not visible. And I'm not seeing a setting available to make them visible.

Here is the link to where I posted my question in the WaveDNA forums. Attached to that post are two screen captures, one of the stand-alone mode and one of the plugin running within Reaper.


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