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Default Developer notes for 5.963+dev1205 and later, and colorspaces

5.963+dev1205 overhauls the video colorspace management

This is a big internal update which simplifies things to prevent unnecessary colorspace conversions (conversions tend to be slow lossy so avoiding them when possible is a good thing).

The biggest difference from a preset authors perspective is that now in Auto mode, each time the video processor is executed, its 'colorspace' variable is initially set to 0.

If the 'colorspace' variable is set to 0, when reading or querying an input, 'colorspace' is set to the colorspace of the input.

If the script draws (via gfx_fillrect() or gfx_str_draw() etc), allocates or resizes any buffer (via gfx_img_alloc(), etc) when the 'colorspace' variable is set to 0, then 'YV12' (or project colorspace) is set.

If the project colorspace setting is set to something other than "Auto", then the old behavior of 'colorspace' being set to the project colorspace will remain (so if you have presets in projects that depend on this, you can manually set the project colorspace to override).

Having said this all -- using the "Auto" mode for project colorspace should make things a lot more efficient all around.

Another note about forcing particular colorspaces in presets:

As a rule of thumb if your preset knows which colorspace it will be outputting, it is preferable to set the colorspace before drawing anything. Converting the framebuffer to a new colorspace is not any slower than anything else, but using colorspace conversion when blitting from another source is preferable because that converted copy can be cached (in case another processor wants a colorspace-converted copy of the same image).

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