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Default Looking for a bassist and a drummer. A mood piece "A Little Bit of Wonder."

Before I move on to finding a guitarist, let's get the foundation solid here.


You'll find two versions. The old demo for a feel of the music. The new in progress recording we'll actually be working with.

This is a piece I kludged together wayyyy back in high school. 1st or 2nd thing I ever wrote, and you know what, it still is pretty good. So I'm going for it. It's a mood piece. Simple alternation between E and D; it's modal. Things come and go.

As far as bass goes, it needs to be throughout the piece. It's pretty much a sandbox for you. My only guidelines are: simpler is probably better, build intensity or complexity gradually, have fun, don't be afraid to break something.

For drums I have a little bit more specific ideas. Drums should enter at 2:25 in the provided link. That's right where the electric slide guitar enters. If you're familiar with Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues, his work would be a great place to go for inspiration. Now I haven't decided if I want to restrain the drums or let them loose, so I hope we can try it two ways. First is the simple pattern heard in the old demo. All kick. +1+ +3+, ad nozeum. I'd hope to add hat closings on 2 and 4. At the ending switching to solid eights in the kick, all 4 in the hat. That could be quite boring in the end, or just the right thing. Feel free to try it out much more creatively as well. I don't mind!

Right now what I'm hoping for on both instruments are some down and dirty demos of what you have in mind played along to the mp3. No need for great production values or polished performances yet. Have fun. Hit me up by message. We can bounce ideas back and forth, and when it's well crafted then we can worry about production values and mic positions and all that fun stuff.

I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the awesome. My inbox is always open. Much appreciated guys and gals!
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