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Default Can't get my electronic drumkit to "proc" my VST sounds

Hey guys !
(Sorry for my poor english, I'm not native)

First of all I want to thank all of the community, I managed to solve most of my problems reading the forum ; but I didn't find the answer to my last problem.

I have an electronic drumkit, and plugged all my pads to a Roland TD12 V-drums sound module. I didn't find any driver on the internet for the TD12 drum module so I thought it didn't exist and wasn't necessary. I did everything I had to do with the triggers etc, and it works kinda great, but the sound is really bad so I wanted to get my MIDI notes from my module to my computer to choose the sound librarie I wanted. I plugged my module to my computer with a USB-Midi cable (the grey one we see everywhere), I downloaded the trial version of Reaper, bought Getgood drums Invasion, installed Kontakt etc etc.
When I create a new track, I select my drum kit (USB Midi interface - All channels) for the input of my track, and can record my MIDI notes. I see little bars at different heights corresponding to the pads I hit. I then launch Kontakt via the FX button, and launch my VST (GetGood drums invasion). From the Kontakt Window, I can clic the drums and I hear the corresponding sounds. But when I record from my physical drumkit, I hear nothing, even when playing the track after recording. I thought I had to do some "mapping" or something, so I launched the Midi examiner to see what notes my module was sending to reaper and it doesnt show anything when I hit the pads : the data byte value doesnt move, or does sometimes but too quickly for me to see.
I then tried to select a virtual midi keyboard as my input, record some random notes, and when I play the record afterwards, I hear what I recorded.

Which led me to think :
My VST and Kontakt are properly installed, and work
My drum module can send "MIDI notes" to Reaper, which I can record
The "MIDI notes" maybe are not ? Can't get the data byte values

Please, dear forum, I seek your help ! If someone had a similar problem, don't hesitate to link me the topics and I will do my researchs on my own, I don't want to waste anyone's time with questions that have been asked millions times. But I didn't find anything close to my problem
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