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Default Something UAD-1ers should try to possibly reduce CPU munch...

Here's something for everybody with UAD-1 who has CPU munching problems to try.

1) Go to Prefs/Audio/Buffering, and make sure that FX render-ahead is on, and that "wait until buffers are XX percent full" is set to something 50 or higher.

2) Right click on the metronome icon. Enable the metronome, and specifically enable "Count-in before playback" and "Count-in before recording".

3) Set the metronome count in length to 1 or 2 measures, for start.

4) Try playing back things. You should hear the metronome count in before playback begins. Once you do, see if this helps the CPU munch.

If it does, you can always turn the volume down of the metronome so you can't hear it, but also it might make it possible for us to add an option to do something similar automatically.

If it does help, too, I'd be interested to hear what the minimum count in length that helps is. Note you can do 0.5 or 0.25 measures etc too.

Let me know!!

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thanks Justin,

- will give this a spin in the next few days along with the new lynx beta drivers... would be really nice to have Reaper & UAD working sweetly here.

* I think my situation here relates to nforce2 chipset not handling the bus the way it should on this mobo... will let you know if i find anything relevant that could help.

Reaper cuts the mustard !
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griz lee
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thanks J. I'll give it a go during the next week.

It's looking like you'll have mac ready for Christmas day, no?
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Hey Justin, I had a try with your possible remedy for the native CPU munching in REAPER. It did not go so well. When I first started playback, with only the metronome running the initial native CPU usage was nearly nil. As soon as the project kicked in the native CPU went over 50% and I started to get crackling and distorted audio. About 8 measures in, I got some UAD-1 error messages that indicated some plugins were disabled. In fact, one of my UAD-1 cards became completely disabled. Closing and reopening REAPER did not re-enable it and I started to hear some really weird noises, so I turned my monitors off. I had to completely re-boot the computer to bring the UAD-1 card back to life. That is the first time that has ever happened to me and it kinda put me in a tizzy not knowing if my UAD-1 card was damaged or not.
Everything is back to normal now, but I am not sure I want to ever try that metronome/FX Render ahead idea again though.

Thanks for the effort though,

Billy Buck
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but I am not sure I want to ever try that metronome/FX Render ahead idea again though.
I think your worry is misplaced. Digital glitches can make some funny noises, but damaging hardware with 0's and 1's is very hard (possible with some hardware sure, but an audio DSP? I doubt it). If you see smoke coming out of the box, or noise that isn't from your monitors, then is the time to worry
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