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Default No sound on AU plugins, portable install only

Hello why would this be happening? I have 7.16 on a portable install and in it, AU plugins will open, but not produce any sound. I tried installing 7.16 to the main and running it from the disk image (so it's using the main REAPER folder I have in library I guess) and the AUs make sound there. Why would this be happening and can I fix it in the portable install so that I don't have to reinstall I really don't want to reinstall its a hassle to re-set every 3rd party script I have back up, it took like 30 mins to set it up when I portable installed 7.16 the first time...please tell me this is fixable by moving a certain file over to the portable install its lacking or something

The portable install is just a folder in downloads, its on the same drive.

ALSO, just found its not all AUs, just x64 ones that load in separate windows. VST3s that are x64 bridged seem to work. ALSO I have these plugins already on my master monitoring fx chain, and they will produce sound if they're on that...loaded in from the past, but not if they're loaded in now. Why do you think this is?

So one of the plugins on the master monitor fx was able to play audio through it if it was enabled, but not viewed, so I tried loading another (new) copy of the exact same plugin from the fx menu, but doing that crashed reaper, and now that (old instance) plugin doesnt play audio the same way on the master anymore. It retroactively broke a plugin that worked! I dare not try this with any other plugins I will miss.

I really hope someone can fix this, I use a LOT of AU x64s and I can't replace them all.
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