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Default Disable/hide stretch marker rate


Stretch marker rate is a cool feature, but..

1) I never use it
2) When I use it, it's a mistake (I typical want to adjust the stretch-marker)
3) Those mistakes can mess up grouping (a bug possibly)
4) (For me) it clutters the view
Edit: No that's not quite right, only for hoover

So, could there be an option to disable and hide stretch-marker rate?

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Stretch Marker labels obstruct the item name and buttons and look like shit.

Moreover, would be really helpful to have the option of displaying item information in multiple rows on the the item instead of cramming everything in a line at the top. I can never read item names of small items anyway, just because I also like having some buttons on an item.

Info should stack.
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I need this feature too.
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