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Default Is there a way to move multiple Item FX Automation to new sample all in one go?

Hay all :-)

I have an audio item/sample with a few FX Automation lines on it and want to move/copy them all to a new sample.

Is there a quick way to do this?
Rather than drag the FX to it then highlight all the points of Automation 1 then copy and paste onto the second samples automation line, rinse repeat.

Kinda like keeping everything the same but swapping out the sample underneath for another one.

Thoughts? and thx for any help! :-)
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I'm pretty sure you actually can make a copy of the item and then just change the source file from item properties. I've never tried it. If the new item is somehow linked to or pooled with the old one, it won't do what you want cause changing one will change both. I'm sure there are ways around that, too, but it's things I'm not super familiar with. It can't hurt to try, though. You've always got undo.
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