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Human being with feelings
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Default does anyone experiences sound glitches when selecting multiple tracks?

This is faster to experience when in project is at : 192000 , but happens too in 44100.

1 - Music/loop is playing
2 - CPU Usage and Memory is in healthy ranges
3 - And when i do: Select All (or a significant number of tracks) or even opening midi editor for an item

Results: Audio Glitches (Stretched sound, almost no sound) on what is being played

It's not my settings since i tried with a clean install and same happens.

Anyone experience this Also?

I am on Mac OSX 10.9.5
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teniente powell
Human being with feelings
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Me too. Even with only one track selected. But that happens at a time when there's a lot of midi tracks playing (kontakt), not when a few tracks. My solution is adding a button of "Unselect all tracks/items/env points".

Windows 10.

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