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Default ***UPDATED*** preliminary OMF Support


404 has been kicking ass, heres what we got so far:

Release time!

First public beta, leave a message here if something doesn't work right.


Installation instructions: Just put this file in your Reaper\Plugins folder.

Known issues:
- HUGE memory leaks
- crashes on files > ~200MB
- quite slow due to heavy use of 'LIKE'-queries in SQLite
- per-item panning information is treated as volume information
- no per-track volume/pan information
- no support for big endian files on little endian systems and vice versa
- no OSX build yet

-----------------original post--------------------

I'm not sure if this is the place to look, but it does show "omf developer libraries" and more AAF stuff

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Default Damn...

I wish I know something about programming just to help this great guys here but... NOTHING!

I just got in here to give a +1 to this format support... thanks in advance.
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this would be so great!! save alot of work
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Could someone please post some example OMF files?
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+1 for OMF support in reaper!
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Originally Posted by 404NotFound View Post
Could someone please post some example OMF files?
Plush2 and myself may be able to. I'll see if I can get a picture editor to knock out a small piece from an old show.

Stay tuned.
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As I'm also very interested in OMF support here are some for testing:


exported from Nuendo, contains a one bar drumloop, if imported correctly the clips should line up in a "zig zag" manner in three stereo tracks starting at 5fps and play back seamlessly (clip fade ins/outs should be audible in the "with clip volume and fades" OMFs), Project settings: 25fps, 44,1 kHz.

The file names are self-explainatory, I think.

Hope it's useful.

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