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Default Posting music on Last.fm

When we would Google-search for my son's band Pony Bones, we kept seeing links to Last.fm, but when you clicked through to Last.fm, Pony Bones songs were listed but this led nowhere. Unfortunately, another band named Pony Bones exists and they had posted some pretty gross pictures. We couldn't delete what was on the Last.fm site so in order to try to improve the situation a bit, we decided to go with the flow and upload music and photos to Last.fm. We haven't seen much traffic on the band web page, but Last.fm actually provides a nice way of posting music and photos, although very simple and non-customizable. Here is a link to the Pony Bones page on Last.fm:


Music playback quality seems pretty good. The system for tracking visits, plays, and "scrobbles" seems a little flaky, but it is all free. Chances are pretty good that song titles from your band are already in their catalog as dead links.

I'm not sure what to thing of Last.fm though. Any thoughts from others?
Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this but none of the others seemed right at all.

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