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Default Strange disk read spike issue

Iím having some weird issues with the latest version of Reaper.

I have a recording project going with around 18 tracks coming in.
When recording on empty space in a project the disk read will show 0 mb/s while the write will read around 2.00 mb/s - all is fine.

When Iím recording on top of already recorded takes (creating a new take) the disk read will show around 2 mb/s (even though ALL tracks are armed for record), and then suddenly spike to a massive 50mb/s for a few seconds, before dropping to 0mb/s. When the spike is happening there a big annoying audio glitch in the recorded material.

Iíve never had this issue before.

Iím on a 2014 MacBook Pro 15Ē retina, running the latest Mojave and latest Reaper version.

Any ideas for a fix?
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