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Default Done in reaper

Here´s a band i recorded and mixed in reaper.

The are between 14-16 years old. I think they do pretty well.
Especially the last two song on their side. (The game of patience, and Life did you wrong)


I think they should use another mp3 conversion though, some strange things has happened with the mix, compared to my audiofiles. More compressed and the highend is messed up somehow.
I think i´ll spend some time to find the best Mp3-encoder and then deliver the files in mp3 too, as a service for the clients.
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Very impressive for such a young band!

The sound might have more to do with the MySpace player than a particular MP3 encoder, but it's probably best to supply the band with the MP3's just so you can do some sort of quality control before MySpace messes with it.


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alex zonder
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About the mix - very well done, but the sound is very much what became of new wave in the eighties imo... fairly good songs and bands got drowned in reverbs and echos and flangers which took pop music to the other side of what bands like The Talking Heads had worked so beautifully on in the late '70s: clear, sharp, biting guitar and drum sounds. So, a nice band for sure (and for their age!), but I would prefer a much cleaner sound.

But that's simply a matter of taste (and hearing), Kasper, and who am I. And as Malcolm said, the sound might have more to do with the MySpace player.

The 'Anxious...' song is really a reminder of music around '80. The Sound, The Comsat Angels etc. Nice bands. (now I'm listening to the downloaded MP3 - a bit cleaner )
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This sounds terrific. Surprising from such young kids.

I usually don't like to make mp3s at lower than 192kbps...my ear can't really detect degredation of audio quality at that level. At 128kbps, I hear this weird zzzhhh in the highs, on anything. So many more people have faster connections now than they did a couple years ago, it seems like you can upload slightly bigger files than you used to without excluding folks....to some extent....
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wow those are pretty good.. very muse-ish.. along the lines of the last song on their first album (my favorite hehe)...
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