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Default Reaper and Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

Just 5 minutes ago I recorded my first stereo track on Reaper with my new dedicated off-line desktop computer. It has an i5 processor but only 4Gb's of DDR3 as of right now.

Already it is glitching and popping a few times per minute. Perhaps I could expect this without having done any configuring of the computer. The glitching, dropouts and popping was the reason I gave up on doing this on my Laptop. Even after doing every single configuration change that was advised it still continued and I lost hope thinking that my Laptop was so full or deranged from being on line. My friend, a network engineer gave me a new HP RP5810 to use as a dedicated off-line desktop for making a Reaper DAW. Still, I was surprised and deflated to hear those ugly glitches and dropouts with one stereo track, no plugins, off-line, no effects, and no other programs besides Reaper, the driver for the Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen, and Windows 7 home premium.

This computer does only have 4GB's of DDR3 but still, should I be hearing bad glitching and dropouts already? One track? No effects or other resources?

On my laptop I followed recommendations and deactivated core parking, eliminated many startup programs, tried to deactivated any drivers that weren't being used. all these things and more seemed to improve but never eliminated the glitching and dropouts.

Is it possible that the Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen is doing this? It sounds the same on my new desktop as it did on my laptop. I'm so bewildered right now. I guess I'll need to start with just doing everything I can to configure the desktop for optimum performance. I hope many of you can offer suggestions to me so I can tackle these things one by one. Against my better judgement yesterday I put the computer on line just to upgrade my Windows 7 and download the security update recommended by Focusrite. The Focusrite Control software refused to install until Windows was updated to do so. I hope nothing went wrong in that process, that I didn't choose the wrong upgrade. It seemed like I choose a popular Windows 7 64 bit one.

So, now after putting it online, I'm just hoping the upgrading didn't create any problems that will be hard to see.

Starting again from the beginning, I would ask for some help on the essential configurations I'll need to make on the computer to optimize it to be a dedicated Reaper DAW that it set out to be. I'll be happy to get rid of anything that doesn't need to be there. Its an off-line computer so, anything that the upgrade tried to put in that doesn't belong there, I'll be happy to get rid of.

thank you for bearing with my long winded description. It really has been an extremely frustration experience. I would really, really like to see about making it work this time around.

Thank you for your time and guidance. Very much appreciated.

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Default Configuring Windows 7 for Reaper DAW

Is anyone familiar with a good guide or resource on configuring Windows 7 for a DAW?

Thank you,

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Default Panicked too soon - a blessed sense of relief

So I took a big breath, did a search for "optimizing Windows 7 for your audio DAW" and I was taken to a Sweetwater section that took me through a handful of configurations and optimizations. For the first time since I've been going at this I was able to track and playback without any whisper of a snap, crackle, pop. What a wonderful thing. Hope has returned. Ha. And I didn't even get to the disabling of Throttling, Speedstep or Core parking, whichever technique this computer uses for saving power. I'll look into that tomorrow after work.

So everyone, my apologies for the panic, I was getting really anxious over the issue. I'm not sure how I wasn't able to get quiet recording from the laptop but, thats OK. It looks like the new desktop is on its way. Thanks for your patience and I'm sure i"ll be back come next issue!

Good night everyone,

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