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Default Looking for a beginner keyboard

Hi there I'm totally new to the world of MIDI, but have experience with recording/producing audio as I record at home. Currently I have a line out going into a USB soundcard which I record my keyboard with, but the quality is pretty mediocre and I'm kind of fed up with it, especially after upgrading my mic/interface. And so I'm looking for a decent full size keyboard! Budget is about £150 right now, but if that's unreasonable it can stretch a bit more.

What kind of brands/models do you recommend? Also had a look at this opening times website and gathered a few music shops close to me and found the ones with keyboards. Is it worth looking instore for keyboards bearing in mind I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for yet?

Many thanks in advance for any help!
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Hello Rokes and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information. Make sure that you:
Yes, if you can try out the keyboards you will be a lot happier. You may even be able to get one or two on a trial / return basis.

Have a look at Nektar.
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I recently purchased a Novation LaunchKey 61 midi keyboard, paid a couple hundred dollars US for it.

It's not a full size keyboard, as those were outside my budget, but I have been very happy with.
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