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HI, I've pretty much set up my mcu with reaper (been using it with logic over 10 years) Delighted to be switching from Logic, that over priced, crappy party drink to the cheaper neat whisky - reaper- to get the job done for real. IN the setting up of the mcu, the last struggle I'm finding is; I want to press the plugin button on mcu to select and show all the plugs on that channel. Then i want the mcu to be able to edit the plugin (high lit/foremost) with pre assigned controls to plugin WITHOUT messing with the actual mix or "receive" in reaper. I have done basic assigning already and have the sws extensions. Klinke was a good read, but not mac is a shame but understandable, it was very good of Klinke to go as far as he did with this for pc users, never mind adding to, what really must be, a bit of a minority. So, if you know how I might implement the instructions :
1) select and show plugins on channel
2) switch to cc from mcu (only) and send cc to plugin only.

I mean to ask this ONLY for using the mcu.. I can do this already with keys..

Many thanks - UNdark
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