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Default Not getting stereo effect via stereo delay pedal? Please guide me!


I've some mono delay pedals but this time I thought to have a stereo pedal in my chain. So recently I bought Behringer em600 echo which has stereo ins and outs. I tried different ways to record stereo effect (say ping pong) but I'm not getting the stereo result. Problem is I hear the delay effect on one side only. Other side is just plain guitar tone. I first tried Reainsert to use as send and return. Then two mono channels panned hard left and right and lastly a stereo channel but in vain!

My signal chain is guitar (mono) output --> pedal in A --> pedal out A and B --> interface inputs 3 and 4 (or 1 and 2).

Either I'm doing something wrong or I'm coming to conclusion that the pedal is faulty. Hope I'm at fault. Whatever I've tried, I hear the delay effect on left OR right depending on where I plug the pedal out A into the interface inputs. Out B is just plain tone. This is killing the purpose of why I bought this pedal in first place. I have tried it in Cubase pro 9 as well to see may be for some weird reason Reaper is going funky or could be me.

Always found a solution in this forum so hoping this time not going without it . So please guide me. Will really REALLY appreciate as am going nuts .
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