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Default Recording Live

This might be an easy question for most of you seasoned campaigners of the forum.

Recently I have been asked to record a band live, the plan was to record the tracks live to whatever medium to be mixed/processed later in my home studio.

The roadblock I am hitting is how do I get audio into Reaper? Would like the capability of being able to have 16 in / 16 out at the bare minimum.

I did contact a music shop, to their credit they gave me some options - from the likes of the Zoom L20 all the way through to high-end MOTU boxes costing in the order of $4000.

At this point, from what I have found the L20 is looking like the only real viable option, it can record 22 tracks to SD on discrete tracks 20+stereo master bus. I don't really need the mixer and other capabilities this machine offers, so I am paying a lot of money just to get audio onto digital media.

Anyone got any ideas for a reasonable inexpensive way (sub 2000) of getting 16 discrete tracks of audio (simultaneously) onto a HDD etc?
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