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Default What computers and soundcards do you use for Reaper in Linux?

I'm curious to know what you people have for setups – i.e. what computer, CPU/architecture, sound card and Linux distros you use for recording in Reaper for Linux.

Myself I got a PC build with AMD Athlon II (passively cooled), M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard and Debian Linux 9. Works like a charm but is getting a bit slow these days, so I'm looking at possibly upgrading to an AMD Ryzen 5.
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I still use an Asus P7P55D/Intel 750 i5 machine that I built in 2009. There is nothing wrong with it at all performance wise, but it's off the never ending list of Intel architecture security flaws for fixes in microcode, so I intend to build a Ryzen 3700X/B550 to replace it, when I can get an Asus mobo with the B550 chipset.
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I use old AMD 8 core and it works great - no problems at all - I use the latest Linux Mint. I also use Fedora. I would go the route of Ryzen - look at Microcenter bundle deals - they are always so cheap and good. Any half way modern system will rip vs your older system. You can make a whole build under $200.
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