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Default Advanced Tap Tempo: An idea for a tempo and quantization script

I originally posted this in the Playtime thread, because I thought it would work well with that plugin, but it would probably make more sense as a general Reaper script as it would surely have other merits than for loop based live performances:

Here goes:
The idea is having having Reaper analyze a midi input's tempo and then applying quantization and set a project tempo afterwards.
You could add precision to the analyzation by defining what midi notes are set as kick, snare and hi-hat beforehand and have it set a tempo based on those factors. The purpose would be for playing live without a metronome and without a set tempo beforehand, but have playtime or another loop based playback system fall into place without automatically.

Thus you could have a dynamic live performance, but still use Reaper (Playtime) for looping without having to worry about metronome clicks. When the playtime clips are punched in, you simply use that as you rhythmic baseline to stack recordings and play over, which could be a more musical and intuitive way to perform with loop and clips. It could also alleviate problems with input quantization while not being able to hear the metronome, and also time issues, if you are a little slow or fast on the beat, which can easily happen in a live session. This way you wouldn't need a dedicated headphone mix, when using playtime. It would probably also have some studio utilities too, if nothing else as a more precise tempo measuring tool.

I don't have any scripting experience myself and don't have time as my spare time is used for my upcoming album release (yes I'm one of those guys), but I thought the feature was cool and wanted to know what your thoughts are and whether someone might want to have a look at something of this sort.

Thanks guys
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