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Default Lord I Lift Your Name on High

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Well, brother,

I know this song and I think you did a nice african version of this. But in my ears it's mixed too undifferentiated.

As to be a worship song, the vocs are too low and are mostly dominated by the accompagnying stuff.

Compositionally I would like some more dynamic whithin the 16's notes played by the cowbell.

This as a first reply. I like the singing, though.


or... what even sounds better...
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Originally Posted by grandmogul View Post
I know this song and I think you did a nice african version of this. But in my ears it's mixed too undifferentiated.
This sums up my thoughts. It's too much like a wall of sound, everything sounds the same volume all the time, the dynamics are missing. That makes it hard to let it play for more than a minute or so.

Unfortunately I'm guessing it was played and recorded this way from the start, so you may have to re-record all the parts if you really want to fix it.

The only other thing I would fix is there are places where the vocals are obviously out of tune. Most people may not notice, it's just that I hear that no matter what, no matter how slight the detuning is, so maybe it's just me.
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