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Default Using my own images

I did a forum search, and didn't come up with what I was looking for, so hopefully this is something new.

Apparently you can add images to the download cache by dragging them into the program window, but is there any way to make it exclusively use images from a source folder on your hard drive? It didn't seem to do anything when I clicked "don't download images" and unchecked random keyword search, and the download cache count just ticks down. Am I doing something wrong, or is this something that should be requested for the next version?

(If we're piling on requests for future features, flickr search would be awesome to have.)

Anyway, Debris is awesome. I've used it a lot over the last few years. Keep up the great work.
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Thanks for the request. Using (and reusing) images from a local folder would be pretty cool, I agree.

flickr would be cool to have too. I have heard of people using urls to it with some success. Mostly "top-rated" pages and "most interesting" type ones.
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Well, exactly. I agree with above answer that if downloading is the only option provide Your images with some URL so that next time You will have local images for download.
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