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Default Fade on Rendered Audio

Could we get a fadeout option when rendering audio?

In game audio we often export hundreds of small audio files from multitrack sound design for specific in game audio. We use delays and reverbs and their tails need to be preserved. I use regions to specify where I want my rendered audio to start and end, and export using the region manager. I try to make the end of the region be where the tails of the reverb have gone to silence, but I judge this by ear and looking at the meters. Sometimes there is a bit of reverb still playing but the region end cuts this leaving a click.

It would be great to be able to have an export option that simply places a fade at the end of all rendered audio. A quarter of a second fade would do it, just to prevent any clicks. Some people might like it to be a customizeable length.

The render tail option isn't desirable with game audio since minimizing file size is crucial, and this can leave dead air depending on where the transients are in your material

The only other option is automating the master fader, but this is time consuming when designing hundreds of separate audio samples.

It would also be fantastic (and very odd that it is not already a feature) to have a similar fade out option in the batch file editor)
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Default agreed

as a game audio sound designer, I too would love such a feature.
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Fade out option, or have an audio threshold where the tail gets dynamically resized when a long reverb is present until the reverb falls below a certain threshold and then fade out or stop.

But a manual tail in ms is tedious for hundreds of sounds, agreed.
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+1 for this
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Default Yes please- fades on render

+1 Game dev really needs this feature. Right now rendering is a two step process; render, then reimport and fade/trim. Wavelab has wonderful fade in and out options on render, as well as trimming pre and post silence on render. Please help us out- Reaper's great, and scripts get me 99% of what I need, but this is a blocker in our audio pipeline .
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Default Yes * 1,000

This will speed up individual asset exporting dramatically.

Currently, you have to render everything with a tail, guess on the length of the tail or exaggerate it out to 4 seconds to be safe, then pull the assets back in to reaper/soundforge to trim and apply a fade out. Another way is to render the effects all on to one track, then use the dynamic split to to automatically dynamically split up the files based on volume thresholds.

This would eliminate those extra steps as well as ensure out out points end on a zero crossing to prevent pops.

The idea of a fade out option (with curve presets), fade out after tail (so it fades after the tail length with a separate value, or dynamic fade out mentioned above.

The best solution I can imagine here is a "dynamic fade out after tail" This would export the full length of the file no matter what, then would trim the file once it his a low dB value like -80dB and apply a 2ms fade out to prevent a pop. The file would always be the right length, the tail would extend out based on audio energy instead of a guess on tail time making it more automatic, and no extra editing would be needed! Essentially, this is like using the Dynamic Split tool, but applying it on render of each object instead of in a track.
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Default Yes

+1 and make it dynamic like Aaron suggests. Look at Logic Pro for an example. It renders tails automatically if there is a delay or reverb on the sound.
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Default All of the YES.

This would be so beneficial to my workflow. Please, please, please consider adding this option to what is a really, really great DAW.
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