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Default Creates new tracks upon pasting a copied audio file

Hey! I am trying out samples and how to make songs with samples and I am currently adding kick drum. But whenever I copy an audio file and paste it with the intention of it pasting on the selected track, it just automatically creates a new track and puts it under the intended track. Is there a way of fixing this or do I just have to deal with it? I have the wanted track selected by clicking on it and then chooses where on the timeline to put the audio file by moving the playhead to the desired location, I did try to click exactly where I want the file on the actual timeline but it still creates a new track when I try to paste something. I have been using Reaper for almost a year and a half now, however, I have never had this problem before.

I'm thankful for all the help you can give me!
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Just to clarify:

- From where are you copying the audio files (as example: from a Track in the Project, from the Media Explorer, etc.)?
- And how are you doing the copy & paste steps, exactly (via which Actions, Menus, etc.)?

As a general side note:

In case you're using View > Media Explorer to insert files into the project, keep in mind that the default Action (Double-Click or Enter key) can be changed between 'Insert media on selected Track' and 'Insert media on new Track' ...
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