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Default Saike's workshop [ JSFX | Synth | Creative FX | Nonlinear Filters ]

Hi peeps,

Welcome to the workshop. To try and prevent me from being overloaded in different threads, here's a little thread to track plugin progress. Note that for the alpha ones, beware that slider configuration may still change. If you really intend to use it already, I'd recommend making a backup copy of the JSFX for that specific project.

Reapack link for all the plugs is here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jo...ster/index.xml

I also provided direct links to the files with the descriptions, but reapack is definitely preferable, since you can be be kept up to date with improvements that way.

It's become difficult for me to maintain this list of plugins in two places, so therefore, please find the list (with descriptions, images and whatnot) here:


As a teaser, here's a GIF of one of 'em:

If you find a nice workflow for some of them and happen to make a cool tutorial for any of the plugins, I would love to list it on the GitHub page as well.

Feel free to report bugs or feature requests, but I don't promise I will make any of them happen
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