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Default Rate, Pitch and Time Stretch.

I tend to use samples on the arrange page and alter their pitch using rate(without preserve pitch), which acts in the same way a sampler would.

When I'm working on a sample, say an 8 bar music loop, and I've pitched it using rate to the desire pitch so essentially it has slowed down, now I have it roughly the right tempo I then want to be able to time stretch (or pull) bits of it into time WITHOUT affecting the pitch. I want to use the hand tool.

The problem is once 'Preserve Pitch when changing rate' is off the hand tool will only change pitch and once it's put back on the pitch of the sample returns to the original.

Is the only way to re-render the the pitched sample and then use the 'preserve pitch'?

I feel like this should be something that can be switched between..so when I want to alter the pitch and length I can and when I need to time stretch I can. But the fact that they use the same definer 'rate' makes me think that it is either one or the other.

Maybe some reaper guru can help or at least confirm that it's not possible and I have to render the pitched sample.
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one workaround might be to take note of the pitch shift amount (the number in brackets at the top left of the item) and then enter this manually into the pitch adjust box after you've switched back to "preserve pitch.."
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It seems to me like what you're trying to do would be much easier with "preserve pitch" On.

- Adjust item's pitch directly.
- Alt+Drag the edge of the item to stretch it out to match your tempo
- Done.

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Thanks for the responses and advice.

What I'm trying to avoid is the pitching and stretching artefacts..(the stretching I'm trying to do is minute millisecond changes to time things up bar to bar, so artefacts are virtually unheard)

I've tried your suggestions and whilst it's pretty good there is some sonic difference between slowing down the sample by -2, and using the pitch shift algorithm and time stretch to stretch to length. It does something a bit 'watery' to the transients..hard to describe. I've tried a few different algorithms but it can be heard.

I just had a look at stretch markers..(how am I only discovering them ) but I think the two different paradigms of pitching, resampling or pitch shift/time-stretch cannot coexist on the same file. I think the easiest thing is to 'record to new take' once the resampling has been done and then use some sparing stretch markers for time correction.

I'm still only scratching the surface of this program after 6 years..

Thanks again
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