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Default Comp issues (Solved - most of...)

Hi all.

I have made up my mind for days before coming to this post. Actually what drives me is that the current reaper (take) COMP implementation is not suited to intense comping work. It's a matter of bugs+missing features that ends up messing comps in the end

Imagine you have three tracks (e.g. three mics in a recording session) with 5 takes each, and you group the items to allow takes moving along in sync (Reaper v2.24)

- I select TAKE 3 of an item as the best take and save is as "COMP A"
- I then want to find a second best but I realize that I have to combine Take 2 and Take 4 to get it. So only way to combine different takes in Reaper is to SPLIT the item so I SPLIT the item and select take 2 for the first part and take 4 for the other
- I save this new setup by selecting both splitted items as "COMP B"
- ISSUE: i can recall COMP A just for the first splitted item, because the second item (coming from the split) doesn't have COMP A attached to it... so I have to re-save again COMP A

- solution 1: when splitting give users an option to propagate the COMP present to pre-split items to all resulting split items
- solution 1 (continued): in addition create a visual tool that visually shows which items are belonging to which COMP (e.g. by highlighting them or listing them somewhere) and allows to include/exclude items from comp
- solution 1 (preferred): put a new symbol on item when it belongs to a comp, by clicking on it a scroll-down apperars with ALL COMPS and with mouse-over all other items belonging to that comp highlight
- solution 2: do not oblige splitting items to cross comp takes... as Logic and other DAWs do (I couldn't resist, I know this might be a major complexity improvement)

ISSUE TWO: if you "save as.." a file with COMPS in it moving all files along with it on a portable media, when you open it on another PC comps names GET RESET and show "COMP1, COMP2, COMP3" instead than originally given names
SOLUTION: should fix it

ISSUE THREE: Why on a fresh new file when I sAVE AS NEW COMP.. default numbering gets something like COMP33, following on continous numbering from other files/projects? Shouldn't it reset for each project?

ISSUE FOUR: When ITEMS ARE GROUPED saving a COMP for one item should propagate to all grouped items. Unfortunately this doesn't happen and takes get dis-aligned even if items are grouped (see attach below)


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