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Default MIDI note playback issue

I'm having issues with some MIDI playback in a project I'm working on right now.

If I stop playback whilst a MIDI note is playing, everything stops, as it should. However, if I then go to a different part of the project with no MIDI at all, and push play, the MIDI note will continue as though it had been paused, and will not stop until that track plays that exact note, and stops playing it (either using a keyboard or written MIDI data).

It's part of an audiobook with songs throughout, so there is quite a bit without any midi data, some of the songs have a few parts in them.

The VST is Air Xpand in this case, but it is happening with any VI. If I turn the FX off and on again, it keeps happening, yet if I go into the VST and mute then unmute, it stops.

Any ideas?
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Ah yes, I have that too.
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How are your reset options set up (Preferences->Audio->MIDI Devices, at the bottom you'll see "Reset by:" and "Reset on:" checkboxes)?
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