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Default Random Spikes in WAVs

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing lately a problem which is common virtually to all DAWs I use, FL and REAPER. Out of the blue when generating a new WAV file, (example on a render) at the end one can hear and see in the spectrogram a spike all across the whole range of frequencies.

Does any one know the cause?
I have a brand new super machine with an Win11/64bit i9 64gB ram . etc. Realtek drivers are updated, I thought it was some plugin, but no.
Debugging I found out it is a random issue, annoying and prohibitive to the workflow.


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Still struggling. I changed my a 5400 RPM HDD drive, to an SDD 7200 MB/s and problem still subsists.

Don't know what to do


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I had something like that occur maybe 20 years ago in I think CoolEdit or something. I don't know what caused it, though. Happened a few times with things I transferred from cassette to the computer and then converted to mp3--for some reason, at the very end, there was a sudden burst of noise and I had to go back and cut that part of the file out.

You could try simplifying your hardware and software chain as much as possible--bare minimum--and then slowly adding things back in one at a time to try to figure out what's triggering it. And try using different sound drivers to see if that's the problem. On my computer I have ASIO drivers for a couple different interfaces, a generic ASIO driver, and some non-ASIO stuff. When possible I use the ASIO drivers, but I can't do that with my bluetooth headphones, so then I have to choose WASAPI in Reaper. That said, I have tried ASIO4All a few times and could never get it to work right--only the drivers provided with my various interfaces or that one generic ASIO driver (I think it's from Steinberg) are reliable.

Also, lately I have been finding the regular sound driver for the built-in speakers and headphone jack on my laptop is randomly not working. I blame Windows 10 for that--no matter how I try to disable updates, it's constantly sneaking things in behind the scenes and inevitably problems arise as a result. It has caused me more headaches than any of the previous versions of Windows I used. So you might also check the Windows update history and see if maybe problems started after a certain update, and roll back to see if it helps.
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Default Further info

Just to update on this,
I had this problem under FL Studio and Reaper
FL Studio on after the noise reduction tool was used. I have updated FL Studio and the problem no longer exists occurs

In Reaper however, I still get random spikes after render.

96000 32b Fp
522 buffer
Fastest r8brain algorithm

I can send images or even the project that does this....
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Is auto-bypass fx on? Does it happen also if it’s off? Does it happen also without fx on the track/item?
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