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Default [6.73] Track Manager Bug when filtering out tracks in TCP/Mixer

Hi, i think i discovered a bug in the last version (6.73)

I'm used to filter out tracks using the track manager, with the two options "Hide filtered-out tracks in TCP" and "Hide filtered-out tracks in Mixer" activated. So far, it worked properly, but now that we can collapse/uncollapse child tracks directly in the track manager, it doesn't work as expected anymore.

Actually, if you have collapsed tracks in your project, they remain visible in TCP and mixer, even if they are well filtered-out in the track manager list.

If you want to try, just create two track folders (let say "Guitar" and "Drums") with 8 child tracks each, named guitar-01 to guitar-08 for the "Guitar" folder, and drums-01 to drums-08 for the "Drums" folder.
Now collapse the child tracks of the "Drums" folder.
Then open the track manager and in the search filter type "guitar".
You should now see only the guitar tracks listed in the track manager, which is expected. But in the TCP or in the Mixer, previously collapsed drums tracks are still displayed ?!
Conclusion : the filter is well applied in the track manager list, but not in the TCP nor in the mixer. There is a bug.

Could you please fix this problem ?
Thanks in advance
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