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Default Windows XP SP3 nLited and Audio Optimised

This has extensively been discussed in this thread: so you can all look it up for additional info, solutions etc.

This second Windows XP SP3 AO build is not very different from the first one, but includes some important stuff and updates like:

- wireless network is working
- firewall is working
- all post SP3 fixes, including the december 2008. ones, see the list here: There are some rather important fixes for multiprocessor PC`s. I`ve been waiting for this, therefore such a delay prior to releasing this build.
- Intel, NVidia and AMD AHCI drivers
- most of the EU keyboards and regional settings, including UK and US.

What it doesn`t include is: general BS, bloat, spam, unnecessary BS, WM Player, Internet Explorer etc. However, this build is much larger than the previous build and weights whooping 300MB, so I had to split the archive into two, because Rapidshare caps the uploads at 200MB. Shame. I`m not sure why it`s so much bigger, but I`m assuming it`s mostly because of the post SP3 fixes. If that`s the case, I don`t regret it being 100MB bigger.

So here it is, Windows XP SP3 Audio Optimised RAR archives, part 1 and part 2, DuXP.

*When you downloaded both parts, just unrar the first part with 7Zip or WinRAR and you'll get the whole WXPSP3AO.iso file.

This is the nLite INI file you can use to make your own "distro" of XP-AO using the original XP installation CD:

I left the "Out of the box experience" in, so it should be "authoriseable". I`m trying to stay on the legal side of things as much as possible, as I don`t want Cockos to have any troubles regarding this, some would say "crippled" Windows XP.

One warning for the users who are not very proficient with Windows: this Windows installation is mostly intended for experienced or advanced Windows users, not so much because of the way the installation goes - it`s even easier to install it than the default one, but because of the way this Windows look and behave. It looks quite different to your usual default installation and it`s tweaked after my subjective opinions and from my long time experience using Windows for audio and multimedia in general. Most of the tweaking done, you should find on any Windows that a proficient Windows user that is into audio and video is using and inexperienced users could easily have many problems with this OS, as nothing is hidden "under the rug" you can delete important files by accident and stuff like that. In other words - if you don`t know what regedit.exe is, stay away, or be at least very careful with what you`re doing and you`ll be rewarded with a great and fast OS that XP can be when tweaked and cut in the right places.

Last thing...

Happy Christmas, happy holidays, get nicely pissed...

I wish you all good luck, lots of love and patience for your loved ones, some money and excellent health! To your families, and loved ones, too.


16-03-2013 Update: reuploaded to Rapidshare again. I'm still using it, btw. and it works great.
04-02-2014 Update: reuploaded to Dropbox because all others are scum. I don't want to have to upload again every three months.

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