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Default Missing tab

Hi, I was following a video on setting up screen sets, part of which was to move the mixer to the left of the work space. This was all fine until I tried to move it to the bottom again. I do have a docker at the bottom but can't move my mixer into it. All the online searching says I should use the tab at the bottom of the docker but the mixers doesn't seem to have one. I have tried floating the mixer docker first but that doesn't appear to have an option to dock it to the bottom. I know I'm probably missing something obvious, please help. thanks Brian
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if you use reaper fullscreen (F11) it may be challenging to drag mixer to the bottom.

You can drag mixer (and others) to other places when you see the little tab named mixer. Create some place (make the mixerdock bigger with more empty space in it) to make it visible.
Best practice is to use Ctrl-mousedrag on this little tab
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Hi, thanks for the reply. I was trying to set up some screen sets. The mixer docker didn’t actually have a mixer tab, that was why I was stuck. I added a couple of tracks and the tab appeared. I was then able to move the docker. . I solved it more by accident than than design. Thank for the information.
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