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Default Help with text overlay and image resolution in Reaper Video

Hi all.

I found myself posting quite a lot these days about different issues I found when using Reaper for video editing as I have been doing my first project which I published yesterday on youtube (see it on the link below). It consists on a playthrough studio footage of my band Massiva Cosmo.

One issue I have not been capable to overcome is to improve the text and image resolution. See for example my band logo at 00:07. It looks very poor in resolution and seems it has been taken from a small image and zoomed in (which is more the other way around). Also please see the Text Overlay at 00:14... neither looks sharp at all.

I'm wondering if there is any option which I have to set to make sure resolution is optimal for images and texts? I've been searching in Reaper manual and in this forum but have not found any clue...

Many thanks in advance!



The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK48dmzNphE
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