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Default UAD1 weirdness

a question for UAD'ers,

- would appreciate anyone checking this out if they have time...

UAD1 card is working fine with no cpu munch here but discovered that if i have a few UAD plugs on the master plus 1 or 2 on any of the tracks, i start to get small pops n crackles (similar to when the cpu runs out of process power).

Tried many buffer setting combinations & ended up with ASIO at 512, UAD1 with 1 extra DMA buffer and GNT of 192, giving the best results... and a couple of the Reaper settings which did help.

What im most curious about is why playback is cool with plugs on either master bus or tracks but not together... i know its very specific but would appreciate any input if you have a similar setup.


- btw.. also finding some plugs GUI increasing CPU usage by huge amounts when open
Reaper cuts the mustard !

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