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Default Teensy based OSC controller for Reaper

For anyone interested in building their own OSC controller for Reaper, I started a thread on a Teensy based OSC controller over at the PJRC Forum. My focus is on plugin control with extensive text feedback but the controller will of course also handle all the standard track functions.

Here's an example of the data received after triggering the 'reset all control surfaces' action:
	Name		Clean Guitar
	Number		3
	Volume		0.00dB
	Pan		C
	Record		0
	Mute		0
	Solo		0
	Monitor		0

	Send 1		EMT Plate	-19.4dB		center
	Send 2		Time Cube	-46.9dB		center
	Send 3		Send 3		-inf dB		center
	Send 4		Send 4		-inf dB		center
	Send 5		                                		                		                
	Send 6		                                		                		                
	Send 7		                                		                		                
	Send 8		                                		                		                

	Insert 1	1	ReaTuner
	Insert 2	1	SPL TwinTube
	Insert 3	1	Dimension D Chorus
	Insert 4	0	
	Insert 5	0	
	Insert 6	0	
	Insert 7	0	
	Insert 8	0	

	Preset		A
	Har On		On
	Sat On		On
	Freq		2
	Har		0.6140
	Sat		0.2000
	Output		0.5000
	Bypass		normal
	Wet		100
	1	-8.42dB		C	SEM		Oberheim SEM V		Lexicon
	2	0.00dB		C	Marshall	Big Muff		Lexicon
	3	0.00dB		C	Clean Guitar	ReaTuner		EMT Plate
	4	0.00dB		C	Piano		ReaInsert (Cockos)	Lexicon
	5	-9.72dB		C	Moog		ReaInsert (Cockos)	Lexicon
	6	0.00dB		C	ARP		ReaInsert (Cockos)	Lexicon
	7	-0.29dB		C	OB-6		ReaInsert (Cockos)	Send 1
	8	0.00dB		C	Prophet		ReaInsert (Cockos)	Send 1
	9	+1.13dB		C	Oppo					Lexicon
	10	0.00dB		C	Lexicon		Lexicon 224		Send 1
	11	0.00dB		C	EMT Plate	EMT 140			Send 1
	12	0.00dB		C	Time Cube	Cooper Time Cube	Send 1
	13	-inf dB		C	Track 13				Send 1
	14	-inf dB		C	Track 14				Send 1
	15	-inf dB		C	Track 15				Send 1
	16	-inf dB		C	Track 16				Send 1
A really great feature is the way naming works in Reaper, alias names created for plugins and/or parameters are sent over OSC!
Although the controller setup is pretty basic for now it's already possible to navigate to any plugin(parameter) for editing. Track number and name, plugin name and parameter name are displayed to provide context so the user knows exactly what's being edited and what the current setting is.
I'm currently still exploring the possibilities, when I'm confident all the required functionality is available I'll start converting my Teensy based MIDI controller to OSC.
The controller has 16 high resolution Bourns EM14 series optical rotary encoders for editing values and two 800x480 pixel displays for presenting data. The buttons on the controller are a subset of what's available on a Mackie MCU. The selection of functions is geared towards use for tracking and/or mastering i.e. working in detail on a single track.
The Reaper OSC interface also offers new possibilities for the controller, it will require some thinking to figure out how to make use of these possibilities with the current interface. The current MIDI controller plugin control only works with Logic Pro X, not with Reaper or any other DAW so I have to come up with something new anyhow.
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