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Default Easy scale JSFX plugin beta

Hello dear reaper users

I was frustrated since I sold maschine not to have
a way to easily play scales with my midi pads.

I looked for such a feature in reaper, which seems not to
exist natively : IXix snap to key doesn't remap the scales
as I wanted, as it is only blocking or remapping the nearest

For that reason I made the easy scale which can achieve this :

The code is availble on reaper stash there :


It works pretty well, but I still have (at least) one bug :

Sometimes,when parsing the scale file, the plugin have issues to compute the number of notes of the scale (5 for a pentatonic, 7 for major). It happens only for a few scales and works for others.
For that reason, it happens that I sometimes have to add 1 to my "scaleSize" variable and sometimes not.

If you have any clue, or find any other bugs, let me know !

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Thanks !
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