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Human being with feelings
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Default (not DSP) pointer to meanness.

everyone around here went to ROLI?

While I wait for an answer to my questions in this forum, I read it from beginning to end.

The dynamics of certain forums are strange.

There is no documentation.
The unanswered threads are many, that is, those who have been developing on what so generously Cockos put at our disposal, decide to accompany, share or not their knowledge.

Go to know why, I wonder.

Maybe because the result of many plugs is supposed to be profit?

Perhaps there is a dynamic, an enormous generocity on the part of a company, generosity to which selfless programmers joined.

Averaging 2012 some users go from asking questions and asking for help in proposing answers.

Only two years later for a small amount of money someone offers teach services...
And that's not bad, just gradually changes the dynamics of everything here.

Then without realizing it, they decide the complete destiny of what they so generously placed at our disposal.

And when we want to realize we will be paying, someone somewhere "gives to receive" and it occurs to him to have his own JUCE.

That's how beautiful things die.

Or maybe all this is ridiculous and the result of my frustration getting no response.

Sorry and happy holidays!
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Human being with feelings
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There's no company behind IPlug these days. Cockos used to have it as part of the WDL library, but decided to drop it from that, since they weren't using or developing IPlug themselves anyway.

So things are what they are, there are multiple forks of IPlug, also now there's IPlug2, and no official support. You can decide to use it or not use it. At least the licensing is such that it can be used for free in any situation, without conditions like what Juce has for that.
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I have no formal training in math or computer science. I don't work as a programmer. DSP confuses me...

but heck, I figured out (somewhat) IPlug1. Taking a look at the examples, most of the things can be figured out. Yes, there are many unanswered threads. At a certain point when there wasn't an answer, people just modified their own fork to fix whatever problem they had. I am still using IPlug1 with some of my own modifications to the code. IPlug2 is more versatile and under active development. It is definitely the future, and there are some developers that are starting to release plugins coded with IPlug2.

If you look at some of the longer unanswered threads, they typically relate to AAX or VST3 weirdness, or to some DAW specific problems (FL Studio and Steinberg, I'm talking about you). The same issues pop up on the JUCE forum. Actually, sometimes I get my answers from the JUCE forums.

I am still very happy that I picked IPlug 6 or 7 years ago when I started making plugins.
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Don't really understand your post other than getting vibes that you feel like someone owes you something. "It shouldn't be so hard, why won't people answer all my questions on forums :-( !"

Use whatever you want!

- JUCE is an excellent framework with very reasonable license price and a large community.

- iPlug2 is a community effort, which is free in cost and free in license. It's a new project evolved from WDL-OL/iPlug and so its still not finished, with lots of documentation missing, and a small community. Over the last 2.5 years we did a MASSIVE amount of work on it to make it more competitive for 2019 and onwards.

WHATEVER you decided to use, don't expect anyone to hold your hand.

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Originally Posted by olilarkin View Post

WHATEVER you decided to use, don't expect anyone to hold your hand.


Yes for the indicated price.
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