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Default ReaTune manual correction leads to doubled voice?

My System:
New Win10pro64 desktop-PC
Intel i5-10500
Samsung m.2-SSD
Behringer UMC1820 audio-interface using 128Bit sample rate and the latest 5.0 driver from Behringer website
reaper 6.26 / 6.26 64bit

I tested ReaTune after watching video tutorials and I have a question now:

If I:
open reaper
create an empty track for Input 1
add ReaTune as FX to the track
arm the track
monitoring ON
record some notes
open ReaTune
'élastique 3.3.3 soloist'-Algorithm is preselected
check 'track pitch'
put the recorded monophonic vocal into reatune by starting playback
draw blue correction lines at the flat or sharp notes
listen to correction with 'Manual correction' switched ON and 'track pitch' switched off

Now reatune somehow builds strange polyphonic sounds: one tone from the original note and another from the corrected one. And that sounds pretty scary...

Only when I change the algorithm from the default to 'élastique 2.2.8 soloist', the polyphony is gone.

Why?! It seems that using the newer algorithm, ReaTune does a 'copy/paste' instead of a 'cut/paste' correction. Or as if the modified wet signal is added to the original dry signal.

Could there be any reason for this behaviour? What can be perhaps my fault, if it works in one algorithm and not in the other?

Can anyone of the reaper-team reproduce this? Is this an error of Reaper or the tuning algorithm 3.3.3? Or am I doing anything wrong?

To check if the system or any driver can be blamed for the behaviour, I installed Reaper on another computer using just the internal soundcard and a headset. But reatune's behaviour is the same.

Thanks for your help



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