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Default ReaTune audio to MIDI not recording


I'm trying to use Reatune to convert audio to midi. All the settings are correct, and the track that I'm recording midi TO is picking up note changes from the audio track with reatune (and even sounding them through the VSTi plugin on the receiving track), but the midi data isn't being recorded. It just creates a blank midi item. Please help?

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Are you recording the input or the output of the track? To catch something coming out of a plugin, you need to record the track's MIDI output (right click on the red record-arm button to get that menu):

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Anyone ever figure this out? I have been trying to do this for a long time with no luck. I am trying to use my guitar to trigger a Bass VST through Reatune.

I have rea tune on my guitar track for triggering the Bass VST

I have the Bass VST on another track

The Guitar trigger track is sent to the Bass VST track. It works to trigger the Bass sounds when I play my guitar but how do I record MIDI from this??

I have the send from the guitar track set as Audio>None and MIDI >ALL-ALL

I am recording enabling the MIDI OUTPUT of the VST Track.

What am I doing wrong???
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