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Default MIDI-Stuck with AUTO-Arm & AUTO-Monitoring

Hey there,

I hope, this hasnt been reported already:

(I have for my workflow AUTO-Arm & AUTO-Monitoring) selected on every track.

Now when I play something on a selected track (A) and change the track selection to track (B)/(or just deselect it) with still a key being pressed, and later change back to track (A), there will be a stuck note, since the noteoff wasnt send to the plugin.

A similar thing happens, when you playback a MIDI file on track (A) and chance to track (B) and press pause, then chance back to track (A), it will make a click and play the release part/reverberation of the Audio.

Can someone confirm this or is there a workaround other than being careful with the track selection?

All the best

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