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Default UJAM BeatMaker multi-out settings issue


I'm using Reaper 6.42 64 bit, Windows 10.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the multiple-out configuration working with my recently purchased upgrade to Ujam's BM Dope 2. It looks like all of the UJAM BeatMaker series plugins share the same features in that respect, so it could apply to any one of them that anyone here might be using.

Essentially, Reaper's 'auto-assign multi outputs' right-click option in the TCP yields a situation in which only the kick can be heard as a truly separate output (i.e. a one-to-one identity of kit piece and assigned track). This comes through on Reaper-assigned Track 3 - Reaper assigns Track 1 to the VSTi, with the usual master-send muting, and assigns Track 2 to 'Master', which I assume refers to the plugin's internal master-out option on the GUI (I have selected the alternative 'individual' option for testing, btw). All other kit pieces however get routed to this master out track.

To be sure DAW channel routing generally, Reaper no exception, has been challenging for me in the past, so apologies in advance for picking your brains when it might be something fairly obvious I'm overlooking.

I have though started to get a little more au fait with how some plugins can vary regarding this in Reaper at least, and so what to do about it - i.e. tweaking things manually after the auto-assignment (e.g. as with AD2). I've tried a few alternative routing set-ups, including manual assignements, and checked Ujam's BeatMaker manual, but so far with no luck.

I've also gone straight to Ujam support for assistance, but while waiting for a response thought I'd try here as well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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Default Apologies - solved!

Am answering my question as have subsequently figured it out from a helpful Youtube video relating to Beatmaker's use in Studio One.

I think my problem arose from misinterpretation of the word 'individually' in the Beatmaker manual.

Just in case anyone else has the same problem/confusion in future and comes looking here, I'd assumed that that word was more-or-less simply referring to separate channel outputs for each kit piece, i.e. something like a tautology. What it actually means is that each key on the GUI keyboard needs to be selected and then the 'individualy' button (mentioned in previous post) has to be selected FOR EACH KIT PIECE IN TURN. Apologies folks: what might be - as we say in the UK - the bleeding obvious, was obviously a bit of a curve ball for me. All best
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